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2nd annual Spring Farm Event!

We are just a week away from our 2nd annual Spring farm Event! Open May 5th 6th and 7th 10am to 5pm

In 2016( at the request of many of our farm visitors, who would visit our farm in October for pumpkin patch season) we opened up our farm for one weekend in the spring.

Our Spring Farm Event is a great chance to come and visit our farm animals including our newest spring babies. So far this spring three of our goats have given birth to some very cute kids! In late February Blue gave birth to triplets (Blue Beard, Bling and Blackie) on April 3rd, Georgia had a little doeling (Georgie). On April 6th Boots had a buckling(Buckley). And today I brought home three 2 week old, bottle buckling kids, from another farm! We are excited to share these new kids and other farm animals with you this spring!

Children love to play on our very popular firetruck (real 1995 fire truck with slide), tonka toy and Boat(real 1950's 30' fishing boat), these play areas will also be open! Bring a picnic lunch and use our tented picnic area. Hand washing stations will be available.

We are located on a quiet rural road in South Surrey! 18507 20th ave

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