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For children aged 5 to 10years
2024 Registration opens Feb 1st @12am




    A Summer Farm Camp here at Gabriel Farms Ltd. will give your child an exciting opportunity to learn farming basics and enjoy outdoor time free from electronic devices!


            2024 FARM CAMP DATES


              Week 1   July 8 to 12th

              Week 2   July 15 to 19st 

              Week 3   July 22 to 26th

              Week 4   July 29 to Aug 2nd

              Week 5   Aug 12 to 16th

              Week 6   Aug 19 to 23rd


                  Camp runs  Daily  9am to 3pm

             LIMIT 1 WEEK PER CHILD


2024 camp registration will begin 12am on Feb 1st 2024.*

 * When Emailing for Summer Camp Placement, please include,


1) your preferred camp week and alternate weeks of interest, just in case your first choice is full. 

2) name of child/children

3) Parent's phone # & email

*Camp spaces will be filled in the order that emails are received. If there is space for your child in the requested camp week, you will be emailed a confirmation and further information to complete registration and payment.(This may take time, please have patience)

If you are trying to book the same camp week with friends, please email requests in early.  I can not guarantee that friends will be in the same camp.  For Fairness summer camp spaces are filled in order that emails are received.




      $350 Summer Farm Camp Fee/week

The price includes a 2024 Seasons Pass & a camp T-shirt for the camp participant.

    Full payment (E-transfer) is required at the time of booking to hold space.  The camp Fee is Fully refundable if cancellation is made 2 weeks or more prior to camp.  If cancellation is made less than 2 weeks prior to camp there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

  Wondering what your child will do while at farm camp?  The Fun and Educational Opportunities are endless! 

                       OUR PROGRAM                               


      Farm Animal Care Time or FACT!

      During FACT Children will engage in the regular daily activities of caring for our farm animals( Goats, Sheep, llamas, ducks, chickens, geese, rabbits and more) learning important facts about keeping farm animals healthy, happy and safe:)

Activities could include:


                * cleaning up after

                * egg gathering

                * animal health care

                           - hoof/toe trimming

                           - brushing

                           - pest control


    During FACT children will also learn about the process of egg Incubation and see the progression of developing eggs to hatching chicks!

    Farmer Shari and our fantastic Farm Leaders are passionate about farming and sharing fascinating farming facts with your children! Through observation and interaction, your child will come to know individual animals and their unique personalities.  I wonder who their favourite will be? 


     During Crop Care Children will learn the different methods farmers use to grow, care for, and produce crops that supply food for people without farms.  A hands-on education experience!


     Activities could include:


              * farm tools/equipment and


              * soil preparation and planting

              * irrigation

              * weed identification and safe

                  removal methods

              * hand pollination and natural


              * haymaking


       And of course, we will be planting and harvesting in our own vegetable garden!  There is nothing like digging in a garden, planting seeds and watching them grow!  We will plant, weed, water and hopefully dig out some potatoes, pick some peas, eat some blackberries or my favourite a cherry tomato with a fresh leaf of basil!  YUM!

      While we are in the garden we will inspect for creatures who also like to eat our 'greens', and we will talk about the challenges they present, and what techniques we can use to remove them from our garden. We will identify beneficial insects, like ladybugs, and talk about how we can attract more of these insects to our crops.  We will also discuss the differences between Organic, Regenerative and Conventional farming.

    Nature and Environmental Responsibility

    Nature is all around us on the farm presenting many interesting and educational opportunities.

      Nature and Agriculture are closely connected and we will spend time exploring our farm's natural environments (ponds, creeks, forests) observing the interactions between them, and how they impact each other.  We will discuss how farmers are stewards of the land they own, and how we preserve and protect natural areas to ensure a healthy environment for  all creatures:)

       Activities could include:

                *local wildlife identification

                * pond life studies

                * habitat preservation

                * native plant identification

                   and uses

                          - edible plants

                          - poisonous plants

                          - medicinal plants



     Yes, we will have some time for this too!  Arts and crafts on the farm will utilize a range of materials focusing on those found on our property:)


 Give your child an experience they will never forget and register them for one of our fun-filled summer farm camps!  


  Between 12pm and 1pm  we will take a       break for lunch and play in our play area.

           What to Bring/Wear Each Day

          *  A healthy lunch and snacks

          *  A HAT!!!

          *  A Water Bottle

          *  Sunscreen

          *  Proper shoes or sandals with a strap

          *  Tee shirt and shorts

          *  extra tee shirt and shorts(just in case)

          *  Work gloves (optional)

               WHAT NOT TO BRING!


           *   ELECTRONICS

           *   FLIP FLOPS

    Full payment (Email money transfer) is required at the time of booking to hold space.  Fully refundable if cancellation is made 1 week or more prior to camp.  If cancellation is made less than 2 weeks prior to camp there will be a $100 cancellation fee.

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