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2023 Spring Farm Tours (very limited tours available)

Spring, what a wonderful time of year on the farm!  New life, new growth and  new beginnings that we are excited to share with you and your class! 

During your spring tour Farmer Shari will introduce your class to our farm animals new and old:).  During this very interactive visit Farmer Shari will educate your students on proper care and handling of our farm animals, including newly hatched chicks and ducklings.  We will also discuss Egg development and children will learn about natural and electric incubation and incubators.

(Bring your class food scraps to feed the pigs!)

Our Educational spring tours are a fun and popular addition to our farm.  Spaces are limited to two classes a day, so book early to reserve your Spring Visit!

We look forward to 2023, our 8th year of spring tours!


$12 students

$5 adults

Teachers and EA's free

2023  limited Spring tours available

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